We help local regions build thriving inclusive innovation ecosystems


ScaleUp Partners LLC


  • Assessment and Feasibility Study: These data-rich reports include recommendations for improving job growth and wealth creation among underrepresented populations in the region.
  • Convening Communities of Influence: These information-packed gatherings help establish a common economic vision among leaders, stakeholders and influencers (who typically do not engage or communicate with one another), and provide a platform for effective collaboration.  
  • Strategy Session: These smaller discreet meetings assist local groups and leaders in building trust and collaboration toward development of a shared vision and strategy. We offer advisory counsel across a range of issues and topics related to economic development and the building of inclusive competitiveness frameworks and pipelines.

Education: ScaleUp America offers a variety of educational resources to assist organizations, institutions, governments and associations within local regions gain insights and understanding of the economic and social impact benefits of inclusive competitiveness frameworks and integration into the local innovation ecosystem. 

  • Workshops, Forums, Summits & Speaking Engagements: ScaleUp Partners LLC offers a slate of unique Inclusive Competitiveness workshops, forums and summits from which to choose that can accommodate the needs of most any association, organization, institution or government entity, large or small. Our team is also available individually for speaking engagements ranging from keynotes to panel presentations. Our epiphany inducing workshops, forums and summits range from an hour long to half-day or full-day, and can be tailored for any audience, ranging from the most experienced leadership to the most inexperienced teenage students (and any assembled demographic in between).
  • Local Innovation Ecosystem Tour: ScaleUp America offers unique specially designed experiential workshops that flip the traditional interior environment into an immersion experience in the local innovation ecosystem. We provide a touch-and-feel tour of the local innovation ecosystem that brings to life the cerebral activity stirred up in the workshop and embeds an indelible mark of understanding that can be transferred to any other innovation hub in the nation. This tour can be arranged for groups up to 80 participants per workshop.
  • Inclusive Competitiveness Course: ScaleUp Partners LLC offers unique content for educational institutions, both public and private, ranging from high school to higher education. Our content has been used to inform and educate leaders ranging from the White House to Silicon Valley, as well as state governors and education leaders on the board of regents. We work with educational institutions to design curriculum that corresponds to students and faculty understanding inclusive competitiveness and how it works in the local innovation ecosystem. This course is a flipped classroom experiential experience, wherein students spend most of their time in the local innovation ecosystem getting a first-hand engagement with local leaders, stakeholders and influencers across the 8 Communities of Influence. Students map out the local innovation ecosystem as part of the capstone project for the course.
  • National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness: ScaleUp Partners LLC is currently seeking a headquarters home for the National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness. Through this Institute, we will establish a platform of academically rigorous research, data analyses, economic indices and new resources and training for leaders, stakeholders and influencers nationwide who seek to improve the quality and quantity of performance of underrepresented populations in America. The leader of this Institute will be the visionary architect and Father of Inclusive Competitiveness, Johnathan Holifield. 

Somewhere along the historical timeline, the thought has become ingrained in the American psyche that Black and Hispanic populations represent the nation’s untapped workforce talent. ScaleUp Partners LLC seeks an economic paradigm shift in which these populations are also viewed as a valuable untapped reservoir of talented entrepreneurs and job creators.
— Mike Green, Co-founder, ScaleUp Partners LLC