ScaleUp Partners LLC offers an array of experienced and evidence-based consulting and advisory services tailored to fit the needs of our clients.


Professional Services & Solutions

ScaleUp Partners LLC services and solutions are based on a collective impact transformation model that can meet the needs of institutional and organizational clients to increase the performance of underrepresented minorities in the local and regional innovation economy.

Individual components can be used as needed to raise community awareness, increase understanding, develop collaboration and establish processes that bring communities together. We create logical pathways that engage, empower and uplift underrepresented populations through processes designed to drive local prosperity and increase opportunity for all.


Our Solutions Will Help

  • Improve educational achievement among underrepresented populations
  • Improve quality and quantity of underrepresented talent in workforce and entrepreneurial pipelines
  • Improve the quality and quantity of underrepresented business startups
  • Improve the quality of life in the region, including among underrepresented populations
  • Improve job growth and economic opportunity among underrepresented populations
  • Expand wealth creation opportunities for all, including underrepresented populations
  • Increase overall regional economic competitiveness




We Assist

ScaleUp Partners LLC assists institutional and organizational clients in developing local and regional collaboration among leaders and stakeholders across the 8 Communities of Influence.  


We Communicate

ScaleUp Partners LLC leverages traditional and social media to raise awareness of the Local Innovation Ecosystem and deepen understanding of regional economic competitiveness among economically disconnected communities. Through our slate of summits, forums, workshops, talks and immersion activities, we elevate and expand knowledge of how to advance the education and economic progress of underrepresented populations toward the goal of increasing regional economic competitiveness.

We provide both online and offline, public and private platforms, including discreet closed-door strategy sessions with leaders, stakeholders and influencers. We build collaboration among local leaders and stakeholders. We inform and educate leaders, stakeholders and influencers on methods of engaging and empowering underrepresented communities.

We provide subject matter experts for keynotes, panels and workshop facilitation on issues of education, the economy and Inclusive Competitiveness vision, strategy, frameworks and processes with unique and unparalleled insights and best practices models.   


We Offer Local Solutions

ScaleUp Partners LLC understands that every region is unique. We offer local solutions to developing inclusive economic frameworks that increase productivity in education and economic ecosystems among disconnected communities and underrepresented populations to bolster regional economic competitiveness. Often this will require an investigation of the region through our lens of innovation, inclusion and impact.

We offer a one-of-a-kind Inclusive Competitiveness Feasibility Study as a toe-in-the-water entry phase engagement to help clients fully understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in developing local collaborations around an inclusive economic framework and empowering underrepresented populations to be more productive.


We Engage, Immerse and Influence

ScaleUp Partners LLC offers a slate of immersion experiences designed to have deep impact with minimal investment of time, and sustained impact with longer time investments. Here are a few of the modular frames we package in conjunction with our summits, workshops and strategy sessions in tailored solutions to local needs:

  • Immersion Workshop: Inclusive Competitiveness Tour of the Local Innovation Ecosystem.
  • Immersion Activity: Mapping the Local Innovation Ecosystem 
  • Immersion Curriculum: Inclusive Competitiveness Flipped Classroom on Entrepreneurial Education.
  • Immersion Experience: ScaleUp America's Interactive Audience Hack Experience.
  • Enterprise Showcase: Branded local pitch competition for Ready-2-Scale enterprises.
  • National Competition: ScaleUp America's Innovation Challenge for Ready-2-Scale enterprises.


We Help Organize Local Efforts

ScaleUp Partners introduces new ideas and actionable leadership concepts to achieve exponential results and impact. By approaching old problems from new directions and inculcating new paradigms, ScaleUp Partners facilitates a new innovation process for leaders, stakeholders and influencers. Our professional services include:

  • How to optimize results to achieve exponential (versus incremental) impact

  • How to monetize an organization's mission impact

  • AOL: Aggregate, Organize and Leverage to increase mission impact

  • How to accelerate organizational growth

  • Discovery of strategic techniques to build services to breakthrough solutions

  • Recognition between legacy and opportunity organizations

Haven’t we done this before? We hear this refrain sung in stereo across America. The process of communicating and collaborating are familiar. The content herein is not. To date, no region in the nation has a comprehensive inclusive competitiveness strategy. And no economically disconnected population of underrepresented minorities have an infrastructure designed to engage and compete in the local innovation economy. No one has done this before. We are first movers in this space.
— Mike Green, Co-founder, ScaleUp Partners